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Jon's Piano Care Tip
Pianos were built to be tuned at A 440, concert tunings. It is important to make sure pianos stay tuned to A440, especially when young kids are taking lessons. Their ears become accostumed to what they get used to hearing.

Piano Tuning Most pianos should be tuned at least 2-3 times a year, depending on:

It is advisable to keep pianos tuned at A440 for several reasons; tone quality, ear training, and it's standard tuning.

Regulating This assures that the piano action will maintain it's integrity, factory adjusted feel, and the tone will remain as intended (mellow or bright voicing). It also assures hammer felt longevity. An average residential piano should be regulated as least once every 10-20 years. Concert pianos are regulated more often, as needed.

Repairs Sticking and/or broken keys, sluggish hammers, broken hammers, broken strings, broken action parts, etc.

Seasonal Maintenance Pianos can be adversely affected by seasonal changes. Seasonal maintenance is recommended to correct any problems that may have occurred due to seasonal changes:

Seasonal maintenance is done at owners request and as needed.

Appraisals The piano is inspected and appraised for several reasons; fair market value, insurance purposes, personal knowledge about the piano, resale value, etc.

A well tuned piano is key to beautiful music. Pianos, like people, need TLC.